Part Two

Part 2…

Sorry it’s taken so long for me to continue. It’s been pretty busy but along with that I kept putting it off, I didn’t want to write about it as it still makes me sad, but part of the reason for this blog is to talk about it and hopefully that will help me to deal so..

Right, so I forgot to tell you at the audiology appointment they got her fitted for her hearing aids, to do this they squirt yellow looking shaving cream stuff into her ear and wait for it to set, once set they send it away to get created into hearing moulds.

Shortly before Christmas the hearing aids arrived and we had to start using them. When we first put them on Eva I started talking to her and she squeezed her eyes shut and pulled her head away, it was such a great feeling to think she could hear me for the first time, we were all so excited!

Eva is supposed to wear them every waking hour of the day, but man are they a pain. Because her ears are so small they constantly flop off her ears, and make a high pitch squealing noise and everywhere we go people look around asking “what is that noise” sorry it’s my babies ears! As the days went on she wasn’t reacting to noise as much as she first was, so another trip to audiology where they adjusted the hearing aids to a higher volume, during this appointment our audiologist also told us that the specialists in Auckland read the hearing test results different to what she thought and that Eva’s left and right ears were both profoundly deaf.

During this time we had also been referred to the hearing house up in Auckland, this is where they assess you to see if you are eligible for cochlear implants. The week before Christmas we made our journey up to Auckland to meet with the specialists up there, Carl and myself were both extremely nervous and were unsure on what the process would be. On arrival we were greeted by the lovely receptionist who welcomed us “to the family” as she put it, she then doted over Eva and made us feel extremely welcomed until it was time for our appointment.

Our appointment was more or less a welcoming to the hearing house, they explained to us who our team of specialists would be and who our surgeon is, the next step is to have a series of appointments with the specialists (habilitationist/audiologist and surgeon) where they would individually assess Eva and make their own decision on what they think would be the best path for her to take and whether cochlears will be an option for her, this will depend on an MRI scan also, after these appointments they come together and form a group decision and let us know the outcome.

During this appointment there were more tears shed as we still weren’t sure why this had happened or if Eva will ever be able to hear…


Next time: Our first specialist appointments



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