January 10th 2017

The day started out a busy one, we dropped Tate off to daycare at 8:00am for his first full day, and mum (Grandmummy), Carl, Eva and myself set off to Auckland for our first day of proper appointments.

First up at 11:30 we had our Habilitation appointment where we met our therapist Amy. Amy will be helping us to develop Eva’s speech after surgery if she gets the implants. We went through some different activities to practice with Eva and what sounds we need to focus on for example whilst holding an aeroplane we should also sing AHHahhAAH along with a few others. Amy also did a few quick sound tests with Eva from behind where Eva couldn’t see her, she banged on drums / tambourines/ triangles, clapped her hands but Eva didn’t respond to any of the noises Amy made but that was to be expected. We have up to five more appointments with Amy before surgery and then after we will meet once a fortnight for up to a year. During these appointments we will take photos and some times videos which I will share on our Facebook page.

At 1:00pm we then had our Audiologist appointment at Greenlane. Here we met with 3 Audiologists. Straight away because Eva was calm and drinking her bottle they decided to do some basic hearing tests, they put little head phone things in her ears and played different pitched beeps to see if she reacted at all, she didn’t. After that they did a similar type of test but this time she had her hearing aids in. They made beeps and noises to see how Eva would react and get an impression of how Eva was responding to the hearing aids, again their was no response, meaning Eva is getting very little if any sound using the aids.

Then they did another quick test, I think it was to check the pressure in her ears, for this Eva needed to be quiet and still but of course she had other ideas, instead she wanted to smile and chat away to the ladies so everyone was trying to distract her, eventually they managed to get a reading on both ears.

We watched a brief DVD on how Cochlear implants work and also got to have a look and play with a kit, its pretty crazy how it all works. They explained that we would have to come back again and do a repeat ABR (like the one they did at Rotorua Audiology) this time Eva will be put under a general anesthetic so it shouldn’t take as long hopefully only 2-3 hours, this is to confirm the first test results prior to surgery.

After a long day we left Auckland at 4:00pm and headed back to pick up our Tate monkey. Eva was such a gem all day and now the first appointments were out of the way we can’t wait to get the rest done and find out if she will be able to go ahead with the surgery… fingers crossed!

(PS. the photo attached is from the Habilitation appointment, Eva is busy practicing some exercises :))


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