Crazy Week

Wow what a busy week it was!! Ok so Tate (Mr 2) was supposed to have surgery on Wednesday to have grommets put in his ears, but because he had a cold that has been postponed which is probably a good thing since we were heading to Auckland for Eva and he needed to come with us.

Thursday morning (9th feb) 4:30am alarm clock goes off, I get up and start getting organised while Carl still lies sleeping peacefully in bed refusing to get up, 4:50 rolls around so I drag his ass out of bed myself! We pack the car, get the kids out of bed and put them in the car trying not to wake them in the process… Eva continues to sleep like a baby and Tate sits in his car seat looking around saying “mum, dark, car?” He was rather confused, he’s usually in bed when it’s dark so hasn’t really seen the dark sky very often so 5:15 we hit the road and he continues to watch out the window excitedly pointing Out all the lights and cars going by to me…”mum, lights, cars..mum look car, wow mum lights”. We head to Hamurana to pick grand mummy up for the journey, and continue our way to Auckland with a quick stop at maccas drive through in Matamata for some breakfast, we get just down the road when Tate decides he will shove 3 pieces of pancakes in his mouth and choke on them until he throws them up in the box I’m holding for him! Can this trip get any worse? Yup it can.. We make it to Auckland 30mins early and head to our first appointment at the hearing house. Carl takes Tate for a play at the racecourse (right next door) while mum and I take Eva, we arrive and Carolyn (the receptionist) looks at me rather confused not saying anything when Amy ( the therapist) rushes out “hey guys, you’re meant to be over at Audiology this morning and back to us later!) ahh crap of course I’ve mixed the appointments up, lucky we were early! We finally track down Tate and Carl and head over to Greenlane hospital for our audiology appointment.

Eva was having a quick 5 min power snooze when we got called in, straight away they thought oh good we will quickly check her ears with the little machine while she’s sleeping, they go to stick the little wires in her ears and bam she’s awake and being super wriggly, so they move on we have a little chat and I confess Since our last appointment Eva hasn’t really been wearing her hearing aids much. They take her hearing aids to checK the levels, for her hearing loss her aids are set quite low (80 decibels) so they turn them up to where they should be, at 110 decibels and try them on Eva, straight away she can’t keep her eyes open and is pulling away and is very uncomfortable. So they turn them down to 100 and same thing she is not happy, next 90 it’s a little bit better she’s not upset but she is still blinking like crazy at every word you say, so in the end it’s decided to set her back to 80 decibels. The audiology ladies were commenting on how responsive she is to still have such a good reaction at quite a low level and it’s a good sign that she should respond well to the implants. I was a bit confused though as at the last appointment it was said that she wasn’t hearing at all with the hearing aids but apparently it’s hard to say at what she is and isn’t picking up. Next it was time to pick out the colour for her cochlear implants ( the processor, coil and magnet) and two lots of covers, she will have these until she’s 6 then can change the colour again and because she’s got no hair yet it was a pretty hard decision, so we decided to sleep on it over night since we would be in the same building again tomorrow. After an hour and a half their we are finished we have an hour break before we need to be back over at the hearing house for our habilition session.

So after a quick lunch and a super quick nap for Eva we head back and straight in to our session. We have a quick catch up about how Eva’s been then get back in to practising our Ling sounds, Eva thinks it’s great and likes to steal the toys and talk back to us, she especially likes the monkey and doesn’t want to give it back. We  go over a few more songs that will help Eva to develop speech. Amy then does a few hearing tests with Eva from where she bangs loud things from where Eva can’t see her and same as last time, there is no reaction. After that we were introduced to Esther who will be our therapist from now on, they asked me a few questions about Eva that we will check on everytime to see if she’s improved at all. For instance does she respond to new voices? At this stage no she doesn’t but hopefully as we continue that will start to change. They said it’s great how Eva responds now and even though she can’t hear us she still chats back so she’s interested and wanting to have conversations with people which is a really good sign. Before we left we also talked about the greiving process and about how it is hard to come to terms with the fact that you get this surprise and how suddenly it’s not the life you had invisioned for your child. The appointment was an hour and a half appointment and Eva has been a little superstar all day and has been so happy!

Tonight we are booked in to sleep at the Ronald MacDonald house as we have to be back at hospital by 7:30am Friday morning for Eva to be put under general anaesthetic for a repeat auditory brain response test.

Tomorrow I will update you all on how we went with that 😊


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