Sweet dreams baby

I’ll just start by saying that we were so lucky to be able to stay at the Ronald McDonald house it was amazing!!! For those that are overseas basically it is a charitable organisation where families with sick children can stay to be close to their kids while they are in hospital or attending appointments, it has huge family rooms with ensuite bathrooms, various shared family lounges, a huge shared kitchen/dining area, kids playroom and outdoor playground and so on. From the moment we arrived everyone was so welcoming, there was a random family (not connected to the house) that had volunteered to come in and cook everyone staying (21 families that night) dinner and dessert, it was so heart warming to see and I could only imagine how hard it would be for the families with kids in hospital for months at a time without having this support!

Fast forward to The next morning (Friday 10th) the day starts at 5:30 we get up, get ready and are ready to leave at 7am, we arrive at Greenlane hospital at 7:15 and head to level 2 to check Eva in, the waiting room is full of people giving Carl and Tate dirty looks because they were eating a muffin, after a ladies comment we realised all these people are fasting for their procedures and peel the muffin away from them both. Eva’s name gets called and we head in to speak to the anaesthetist, he explains it should take around 3 hours, that they will Insert a breathing tube to help her breath and he’s pretty confident there shouldn’t be any issues so we sign his form and head back to the waiting room. Shortly after her name is called again so we follow this lady to her room she takes Eva’s weight and attaches her ankle bracelet with her details on gives us more forms to sign and sends us back to the waiting room. Eva’s name is called again so we head in and speak to two ladies from audiology who will be doing the ABR test, they inform us that they don’t have any of her notes in the system from her last test even though we had been told earlier a few times that they had reviewed the last results at a different outcome level.. These ladies said it should take 2 hours, give us forms to sign and send us once again to the waiting room. Again Eva’s name is called, this time from a theatre nurse, she goes through some of the the other stuff again and tells us that when it’s time for her procedure we can’t go in with her and that she will just come and collect Eva and give us a call before she wakes so we can be there, we sign her forms and once again return to the waiting room. Finally the ENT surgeon calls us in and tells us she will be checking Eva’s ears while she is asleep to make sure there is no fluid in her ears and if there is they will put grommets in while she’s under, she said all up it should take an hour.. we sign her forms and then shortly after around 8:30am they come to collect Eva and take her away.

It was a pretty horrible feeling to hand your wee baby over to a group of people you don’t know while she’s awake knowing she would have no idea what was going on but luckily she’s so chill and is happy going to anyone. We collect mum and Tate from the waiting room and have a few hours to waste and try keep busy so we Take a walk over the road to cornwall park so Carl and Tate can have a run around, the whole time I couldn’t help but think of Eva I constantly felt like she was missing and was worrying about her being alone on the bed with a breathing tube in, it was a horrible feeling and I couldn’t take it any longer so we decided to head back and wait at the hospital. When we got back the lovely lady from the playroom told us she had just gone past and was still sleeping and they should come get us soon and eventually they did. When we went in she was already awake and was having cuddles, I was abit annoyed to learn that she had been awake for half an hour already but she was happy so it was ok. The poor girl was straving since she hadn’t been able to have a bottle for 7 hours so we got that sorted, she had a bandage on her hand from an Iv line and another on her foot which still had the line in it. After her bottle Eva was so happy to see us and gave us loads of cuddles, we had to wait a couple more hours for the audiologist to come see us, in the mean time they removed the line from her foot and around 12:30 came to give us results, like the previous ABR test Eva was diagnosed as profoundly deaf. There was no fluid in her ears so no grommets were needed. So now all we needed still was a date for the MRI and then she can have surgery. Finally we could take our baby back home to Rotorua after an exhausting two days.


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