Surgery update / surprise packages

This will just be a really short one.

So we found out Some very annoying and frustrating news, Eva’s surgery was scheduled for March 1st, yay so soon! But we hadn’t heard about her MRI so I called Rotorua hospital only to be told that they won’t be doing it until the 10th of March which is obviously way way to late but they wouldn’t change it, so I called the surgeon back and begged him to have it done anywhere else whether it be Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga or Taupo but unfortunately it wasn’t possible so now our MRI is on the 10th of March and surgery won’t be until the 29th of March which Sounds soo far away and Eva will already be 7.5 months! 😔 We are pretty disappointed but it is what it is and now we will have a little more time to prepare ourselves even though we just want to hurry up and do it but she will also be a tiny bit older for going through a big surgery! Everything happens for a reason right?!

We are still heading up to Auckland to meet with the surgeon this Thursday and just discuss the surgery more in depth and we also have an appointment for Eva with the paediatrician this week to, so will keep you posted with how we go!

After that news though I arrived home after a night away and discovered a package, I didn’t recognise the handwriting so I opened it carefully and was blown away by what I found, inside was a gorgeous letter from a lady that follows our blog that I’ve never met before but went to uni with my sister. Her words were so lovely and touching! Along with the letter were some beautiful little clothes for Eva that she had made herself! I am seriously still so amazed at how thoughtful and kind you are Shoni, you definitely managed to cheer us up and you are soooo talented, thank you so so much! Xx



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