Busy busy busy

Ahhh where to start??? Sorry it’s been such a busy time I am pretty far behind in updates so I will just give a brief overview of what’s been happening.

So on the 21st of February we had an appointment at Rotorua hospital to do a pre op assessment for her MRI next week, the lady we saw was super nice and loved Eva. She weighed her, took her temp, listened to her chest and lungs and gave me a run down on what will happen the day of her MRI, last time they didn’t tell us any of this so it was much better and this time I get to go in with her and cuddle her until she goes to sleep, they said this can be a bit scary for me as while she goes to sleep her arms will fly out and her eyes will roll back,  but that’s normal. They also told me what thinks to look out for after a general anaesthetic which again they didn’t tell us last time.

straight after that we had an appointment with paediatric, we spoke about where Eva was at and just caught them up on her history (maybe I should of told them to read my blog) we spoke about reasons that could of caused Eva’s deafness, like genetics or infections, they gave me some blood tests to take her for to see if we can find what the reason Is and also an ECG and 2hours later we left finally!

On the 23rd of feb we went to Auckland to meet Eva’s surgeon for the first time, he works in a private hospital and it was the first time I’ve ever been offered “chocolates” while we wait! We were quite early so while we waited Eva practised her standing! When we went in he was so lovely! You could tell he was very passionate and liked kids which was nice to see. He just had a wee chat with us and answered our 101 questions! He also told us a few things we would need to know like Eva won’t be able to go on plastic slides as the static build up causes a very loud boom in the head, so that will be something we will need to watch for. He told us the possible side effects from the surgery, the main one being it might not work, her body might try and reject the implant or because it’s so close to the muscle there is a chance it could effect her face movement and it could look like she’s had a stroke (but this has never happened to any of his patients before). He spoke to us about other implanted kids and that a lot of them go on to develop amazing language and even win speech comps and he believes she will do well with the implants. We will need to stay in auckland for 3 nights and then come back the following week so she can have her switch on moment!

To be continued..


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