CT scan & Surgery!

We woke up nervous, anxious and impatient this morning, needing to have the scan done asap so we could know what lay ahead for Eva, I was extremely grumpy, on edge and super stressed out. Finally we (Tate, Eva, grandpoppy, grandmummy, poppa and myself) walked up the steep hill to the hospital. We checked in and got sent down to another waiting room, we were told we would be at hospital for a couple of hours so grandpoppy snuck Tate off on an adventure so he wouldn’t go crazy. A nurse came in and got us and explained Eva would have to be asleep for the scan she said they would use a sedation medicine but because she’s so young they have to monitor her very closely because of her airways and they can go in to such a deep sleep it’s hard for them to come back out, she also said if I could get her to stay asleep then we could skip the medicine all together as the scan is literally 20seconds long. So I finally got Eva to sleep carried her in, put her on the scan table and she woke up, I leant in close determined to not have to use the medicine and felt so proud when she went back to sleep, feeling relieved I told the scanner who came in and said “oh no her arms need to be down”, and she reached over and pulled on Eva’s arms and woke her up and that was the end of that she was wide awake again so they decided to sedate her. After fighting it for quite a while Eva finally went into a deep sleep. The scan was so quick and then we just had to wait, she was closely monitored, and had a little thing on her toe which made it glow. In the end they decided they needed to wake her up as she wasn’t coming around fast enough. She woke up a little floppy, had a bottle and was back to her normal strong self, the nurses were surprised at how well she was doing so said we could leave. They weren’t sure when we would get the results so unfortunately we left without any answers. On the way back it was pouring with rain so we were running from shelter to shelter waiting for little breaks of rain. On the way back Colin Eva’s surgeon called. He said the pictures were very clear, it showed Eva was missing parts of her inner ears including 2 out of the 3 of her semi circular canals in both ears, it also showed her cochlea was smaller than average but he was happy to go ahead with the surgery! I was so so so relieved it was like a huge weight had just been lifted. I quickly shared the good news with everyone.

Tuesday meant we had a free day so Ronald McDonald house kindly hooked us up to go to the zoo for the day! It was awesome we all had such a good day and it was a really good way to take our minds off what was still to come. Tate enjoyed it, he loved the giraffes especially ( just like his mum!) I’ll link some photos down below.

Wednesday was finally here! We had to have Eva at gillies hospital by 7am so poppa stayed behind with Tate while Carl, grandmummy and grandpoppy myself and Eva met at the hospital. When we got there they checked us in, Eva was first on the list so we went in to see the nurse and she gave me some nurofen and panadol to give Eva before the surgery (fair to say most of this ended up down her neck and in her shirt). We headed back out to the waiting room and played with some toys with Eva, she was happy as like usual and I was feeling abit emotional and very nervous. We got called in to see the anaesthetist and sign his forms and waited some more and saw Colin we went over a few more things, signed some more forms and then they came in and said they were ready so Carl took Eva to be put to sleep and as soon as they left the room I cried and didn’t stop for ages! They showed us to our room and assured me they would take care of her so we headed back to Ronald McDonald to find Tate. We got him ready and again Ronald McDonald hooked us up to go to Kelly tarltons for the morning while we waited so poppa, Carl Tate and I headed off there. It was hard to not think about Eva and what was happening but we tried to keep busy and then decided we would head to hospital and wait for her. At about 1pm we got a call from the surgeon to say she was out of surgery and just waiting for her to wake up, once he knew we were there they wheeled her in to us, she came in with her head bandaged up and stayed sleeping for a little while, she looked so peaceful and like a little angel with the bandages. Eventually she woke up and daddy gave her a cuddle, she hadn’t had a bottle since midnight the night before so he gave her one and hoped she didn’t throw it back up all over him, luckily she didn’t. She was still very drowsy from surgery and a little grouchy but shortly after went back to sleep for another hour or so, Once she woke up from this sleep she was so happy she smiled over at us and we sat her up and she sat on her own for a bit and started talking away like her happy self, it was such a relief to see she was ok. The hospital staff were all so lovely, they bought in a menu for me to pick my dinner and breakfast, i couldn’t believe the options i had it was crazy, i ended up having crispy skin salmon with asian salad and tiramisu for dessert it was AMAZING! We kept getting little visits from different nurses and the dinner ladies to sneak a peak at Eva as everyone had been chatting about “the little cutie in room 12”

Eva had a good night she only woke a couple of times and was up for about an hour at a time then went back to sleep, even the nurses were like ninjas and snuck in multiple times during the night to do Evas obs and didn’t wake either of us at all!

The next morning our surgeon came to see us, Eva greeted him with loads of smiles and he was pretty impressed with how she was doing. He removed her bandages and had a look at her ears both incisions were really clean and looking good i was very happy with how they both looked, it is just a little curve around behind her ear, with some dissolvable stitches and a bit of glue over the top! He then said “Eva i need to send you home now, you’re to dangerous to have a round, the nurses keep getting too distracted because you are to cute” and the nurse in the room agreed. So after our prescription for panadol and ibuprofen was done we were discharged to stay another night in Ronald McDonald house (so we were close by) we just had one stop on the way to get an xray of evas head for records in case anything happens in the future they have something to look back at. Eva did not like the xray one bit as it had to push down on her head it didn’t make her very happy. We headed back to RMH and had a play with Tate in the play room and Eva was fine for the rest of the day/night.

Eva stayed on panadol and ibuprofen for another couple days but was so good, you would never have guessed she had such a big surgery or any surgery at all. We are sooo lucky to have such an amazing little girl.

Next up is switch on!!


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