Switch on Day 1

We’re back!!! So sorry for the delay! These last couple of months have been such a whirl wind so where do I start?!

On the 10th of April we had Evas switch on, I think i was more nervous than excited, what if it didn’t work because of her Cochleas being smaller, what if all that surgery and all the months leading up was for no reason? We went to the hospital and finally we got to go in. We were supposed to have the equipment overview first and then the switch on in the afternoon but luckily we were able to switch it around!

So they opened up her huge case of equipment and got her “new ears” out so shiny and white (I wondered how long they would stay that way). They attached the processors to a long cord which connected her to their computer. To start with they started her off at the quietest level so it wasn’t to loud or uncomfortable for Eva. They had some toys laid out in front of her and one of the Audiologists held some louder items (tambourine/hand drum). We had Tate with us too who was playing in the corner emptying the cupboard of toys and having a brilliant time oblivious to what was happening. As they kept turning Eva up litte bits at a time we all watched her eagerly looking for a response, any response to suggest she could hear something. Tate yelled something out about a toy he was playing with and straight away Eva turned around looked straight at Tate and smiled, it was so awesome that he was the first thing we know for sure that she heard. We made some more noises and she continued to respond to the sound not huge reactions though so i wasn’t 100% convinced at first so they turned Eva up a little more and she seemed to be doing fine and then Carl spoke to her, clearly he was abit louder than all of us ladies as poor Eva got such a huge fright and burst in to tears and poor Carl too he felt terrible!! Eventually we managed to settle her a bit and kept testing her and turned her back down couple of notches until she was at a level she was ok with. It was weird to see Eva with the processors on as she was still so small they looked HUGE on her head!.

We stopped for a break and Carl headed home as he had to be back at work the next day.

After lunch, Grandmummy, Tate, Eva and myself headed back in to meet with our lovely habilitation therapist who had organised a special switch on cake/celebration for Eva. I thought it would just be a couple of us and as we walked down the hallway i noticed a whole line of people behind us which was really special that they all took the time out to come and celebrate Eva’s new ability to hear. The cake look and tasted amazing and even though it had Eva’s name on it, Tate’s face lit up and he totally thought it was his. We gave him the first piece while i continued to cut the rest of the cake up. Tate didn’t like the feeling of it on his fingers so he felt the best way around it would be to shove the whole piece of cake in his mouth just as everyone else was getting ready to eat theirs. Bad idea he worked out he couldn’t chew, couldn’t swallow and didn’t know what to do so his eyes went wide and he went in to panic mode and starting gagging on the cake. I thought crap what do we do now, so grandma came to the rescue and quickly put her hand out where Tate opened his mouth and it all came out…SOOO EMBARRASSING! i think everyone was a bit put off the cake after that :O

Eva had done so well it was such a long huge day for her so we headed back to the RMH and observed her for the evening, i must admit that afternoon/evening i didn’t notice her react to too much and she wasn’t as tired as i thought she would be which made me a bit worried. Tate was fascinated with Evas new ears and was quick to tell us when they would fall off, “mummy, baby ears orange” (they flash green when they’re working and orange if not). He also gave her new ears some special kisses too 😉

Switch on day 2 coming soon.




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