Emotions right now!

I know this is out of order but i felt like i needed to write how i’m feeling with everything at the moment, because come next week i will probably feel different again.

So as of late, it has been really hard with Eva, she’s at the point where she does not want her ears on no matter how hard i try, she is just constantly pulling them off. I know most kids go through this and you just need to persevere but seriously its bloody hard. I literally put them on and she rips them straight off. I try and give her food or play to distract her and nothing works! Its really disheartening as everything we do with her now depends on how well she will pick up language etc. It’s making it really hard to do her therapy at the moment as well because she doesn’t have them on long enough to even do 1 activity with her and its exhausting!

In a way I feel like i’m failing her because i know she needs to have them on for so much longer and be doing more with her but I feel like it is literally impossible! She is so stubborn for a 10 month old and I’m sure her brother would of made it easier as he was so cruisey and she is so strong willed and wants everything her own way (typical girl).

Anyway we are off to Hamilton tomorrow for habilitation so hopefully we can get a good session in. Any CI mummas reading this if you have any advice please hit me!

I can not wait until she puts two and two together and realises its great to be able to hear and wants to wear them! IMG_3429


3 thoughts on “Emotions right now!

  1. Katie, you are an incredible mum! And don’t ever let those stress-fueled thoughts in your head. You have not failed her, you have pushed all the way though so far. It does sound super hard, but hopefully she’ll soften up soon. I love reading all the posts and keeping up to date. You’re doing an amazing job, Katie. Take some time out if you can ❤
    All the best and lots and lots of love, Dee xxxx


  2. hang in there Katie, you are doing marvellous job. I know it feels like you are losing at the moment but it is just a small set back in a lot of forward movements.


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