CT scan & Surgery!

We woke up nervous, anxious and impatient this morning, needing to have the scan done asap so we could know what lay ahead for Eva, I was extremely grumpy, on edge and super stressed out. Finally we (Tate, Eva, grandpoppy, grandmummy, poppa and myself) walked up the steep hill to the hospital. We checked in and [...]

Playing catch up/MRI scan

I desperately need to play catch up now im so far behind and need to post this now as I am currently sitting in auckland in bed at Ronald McDonald house at 10:30pm and need to update you on where we are at. So going back to February we had a paediatrician appointment for Eva, [...]

Sweet dreams baby

I'll just start by saying that we were so lucky to be able to stay at the Ronald McDonald house it was amazing!!! For those that are overseas basically it is a charitable organisation where families with sick children can stay to be close to their kids while they are in hospital or attending appointments, [...]