New milestones, illness, updates

Sorry it's been so long again since our last post. A quick update from us, After our last post, Eva began to try and put her own ears on, I was estatic but that only lasted one or two days, and then we were back to square one again. At the end of July Eva [...]


Emotions right now!

I know this is out of order but i felt like i needed to write how i'm feeling with everything at the moment, because come next week i will probably feel different again. So as of late, it has been really hard with Eva, she's at the point where she does not want her ears [...]

CT scan & Surgery!

We woke up nervous, anxious and impatient this morning, needing to have the scan done asap so we could know what lay ahead for Eva, I was extremely grumpy, on edge and super stressed out. Finally we (Tate, Eva, grandpoppy, grandmummy, poppa and myself) walked up the steep hill to the hospital. We checked in and [...]

Playing catch up/MRI scan

I desperately need to play catch up now im so far behind and need to post this now as I am currently sitting in auckland in bed at Ronald McDonald house at 10:30pm and need to update you on where we are at. So going back to February we had a paediatrician appointment for Eva, [...]